Surveillance Training
All of our trainers are acclaimed for the following:
  • formally accredited with either City and Guilds 7307 or higher
  • trainers are both ex-New Scotland Yard surveillance operatives and police surveillance trainers
  • all have have completed the hardest surveillance course in the UK - the SCD11 Metropolitan Police Kidnap surveillance course, enabling them to deal with fast moving Kidnap operations, where the slightest compromise can result in the death of a hostage
  • they have then gone on to deliver the same techniques and methods as a trainer
  • they are still existing surveillance operatives in the commercial sector maintaining their skills and fully cognisant of the issues affecting business intelligence objectives
Courses are structured according to the needs of the client. Although the surveillance science will run throughout the course there will be many factors will affect the content; such as the number of students, the ultimate targets the surveillance is intended to be used on, area and/or country of operation, demographics etc.

Counter and Anti-Surveillance Training

Do you suspect yourself at some stage of becoming victim to a hostile approach or attack. If you are an individual with such a lifestyle that may well attract media interest or worse an unwarranted media expose, then you would benefit from having a short Counter Surveillance Training session. Business executives may well feel this would be of benefit for family members who may be vulnerable or even the chauffeur! The build up of any threat whether it is ultimately a physical threat or resulting in reputational damage would inevitably involve some kind of surveillance on you, your family or business first by a third party in order to carry out their hostile act.

With just a basic Counter Surveillance Awareness knowledge we will train you how to identify the potential monitoring of your movements, and if your suspicions are confirmed you will have the confidence and knowledge to deal with the situation by employing your own anti-surveillance methods.

Corporate Surveillance Training Days

How many times have you seen surveillance being carried out on films or television and thought 'I'm sure I could do better !' We are able to deliver full and half day sessions for businesses that fancy giving their staff a bonding day with a difference. Your group will be given a surveillance theory input and then given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice with a structured exercise - followed by a debriefing of the day. A lot of fun !