Counter Terrorism Consultancy

Has your business done all it can to mitigate the modern day terrorist threat .........?

Are you really comfortable that your company or the company you work for has the means to deal with a terrorist attack? This does not mean necessarily a direct attack. Modern day terrorists are intent on mass casualties and mass destruction, which means we are all vulnerable. If an office or building is subject to a terrorist attack 2 blocks away does that mean your business will not be affected?

  • Do you have disaster contingency plans in place? If so how would they hold up to the current threats we face?

  • Do your Standard Operating Procedures need reviewing and are they future proof?

  • When did you last test the building security with an outside company performing a penetration test?

  • What background checks have you tasked your staff to complete on individuals you may about to do business with?

  • Are you dip-sampling web sites browsed by your staff?