Kidnap & Ransom
The principal consultant at Covert Matters Limited has dealt with over 200 kidnaps as a practitioner, tactician and strategist without loss of life. In such situations our consultants who not only are former New Scotland Yard detectives but experts in this field, are able to give that advice and support which is required. We can deal and facilitate communication with law enforcement agencies drawing on countless years of kidnap and ransom experience. Events will move at such a pace that it is often difficult for the authorities dealing to give the support required to all of the parties involved.

Whether you are a business, individual or family unit, there are few greater threats to life than that of kidnap and ransom. Such incidents require swift and decisive action not only by those immediately affected but by the authorities dealing with the issue. These are 'crimes in action' heaping untold pressure onto all parties involved. Most, but not all incidents are with a view to financial gain, but whether it is a demand for the release of a human life or a threat to contaminate a product, correct support and guidance is essential to those to whom the threats are directed. Likely victims can include:
  • Business personnel working abroad representing what is perceived by the kidnappers to be a financially successful business
  • V.I.P.'s
  • Individuals carrying large amounts of cash or valuable data
  • Businesses receiving sabotage or the threat of sabotage - this action is often seen as a natural recourse by a disgruntled employee done to inflict major disruption and often out of spite rather than financial gain
  • Product Contamination is often related to the food industry, but this can affect a raft of products and services
  • Families torn apart with determined and sometimes vicious custody battles
  • In the modern age the subject of the demand does not necesarily have to be a tangible negotiable item - disruption or destruction of IT is often seen as the best way of attempting to extort money
Covert Matters Ltd can help mitigate this risk from advising on robust policies for companies around Standing Operating Procedures to personal security and safety with Crisis Management advice.