Insurance Fraud

At Covert Matters Ltd we take on all manner of Insurance Investigations - Whether the problem is an exaggerated claim or straightforward fraud and deception involving personal injury or asset related.

The year is 2013 - like it or not we are in a recession and all manner of attitudes can change. When people are short of cash it may have all kinds of repercussions - Even the most law abiding members of the public may be forced to go down a path they never dreamed of before. One of the most obvious targets is the insurance industry. Life long 'never had a claim' customers may well think that having paid dutifully over the years perversely think they are now entitled to a payback. Insurance fraud is inevitably on the increase - and particularly in the Personal Injury Award arena with the proliferation of Claims Farms offering "No win - no fee" people feel they have nothing to lose.
"What harm could it do? "
"Well they're insured anyway! "

"It's not like I'm going to make a habit of it....."

"They might send a claims investigator who just ticks a few boxes.."

"Add a couple of quid on Harry, it's only an insurance job"