Family and Open Source Safety
The Issue:
In an escalating dangerous world, there is nothing more close to our hearts than our family's safety. Our children are more vulnerable these days to paedophile gangs, guns on the streets and particularly dangerous drugs. If you as parents suspect that your child or children may be falling victim to bullying or even being tempted into the world of drug misuse or worse, you might well wish to consider monitoring their movements. Perhaps you suspect your child is associating with someone you may have forbidden contact with, and before confronting them you may wish your suspicions confirmed, for fear of unnecessarily causing a situation or confrontation?

Now with the increasing number of high networth individuals in the UK there is also a huge increase in the threat of kidnap. The days of a hostage being taken and a demand for £1,000,000 being asked for are few and far between. These days with organised gangs making full use of mobile phone technology, unfortunately life is much cheaper. Demands that are much more easily payable (often less than £5k) are commonplace and therefore often not reported to police. As a wealthy individual both you and your children are attractive, potential victims of unwarranted demands and blackmail or worse - kidnap.

The Solution:
At Covert Matters Limited we can go along way to alleviating this problem by simply tracking you and your loved ones. With concerns for your children you may prefer to do this covertly - especially if your suspicions are not yet confirmed. You may (particularly in the cases of bullying or fear of attack) wish to do this overtly ie. with their full knowledge. This will also have the effect of giving the person being tracked more assurance.

Open Source Vulnerability:

Applying for a new Job or Recruiting? Staff Retention issues? Company Information leaking? Reputational Risk? Could you be subject to good or bad Press interest? Now over 20 years old for the wider public, the Internet contains vast quantities of data on individuals and companies. This has lead to an ever increasing demand to know what is being said about whom, especially where that information may be detrimental or pose a security risk.

How vulnerable are you or your company to Open Source (OS) Data Mining. Covert Matters Ltd are specialists at such OS interrogation looking well beneath the surface of the web. 'Googling' yourself or your company is highly unlikely to answer this vulnerability question. You, your Company or your Staff may appear on blogs, forums, websites, particularly where one or both may have been involved in an issue or complaint. Social or Business Network profiles do not die, just because they're not used. Your Internet Footprint could make the difference between success and failure. We recommend an OS Vulnerability health check at least once every 2 years, and would be happy to perform this task and consult on your requirements.