Crisis Management

Being pro-active and employing preventative solutions will always be more effective than post-event management, but we appreciate that this is not always possible for businesses to achieve as these options can be seen as time consuming and expensive.

At Covert Matters Limited we can offer innovative ideas helping you implement policies and practices that will make your company feel more at ease by lessening threats either to the company itself or your staff.

For example in an increasingly more dangerous society, it is not likely yet nevertheless quite possible that one of your staff may be subjected to an incident whilst working away on company business. Do you have contingencies and/or Standard Operating Procedures in place which can immediately deal with the following for example?
  • A seamless communiucations policy to deal with informing Next of Kin?
  • A Kidnap and Ransom demand?
  • A contingency for dealing with loss or theft of a laptop, mobile phone or other hardware containing both personal and company data?
  • Does the individual involved have the knowledge and training delivered by your company to deal with the first steps of a crisis?
With basic security awareness training on how to recognise personal threats at an early stage, major catastrophies can be avoidable.
  • Whether you are a high-networth individual, company director or an employee carrying valuable company data - an awareness of your own vulnerabilities when out in the field, and how to mitigate these personal threats can only enhance your safety - for example employing basic Anti-Surveillance techniques could prove invaluable
  • We can provide basic personal safety training both on an awareness basis and also elementary self-defence techniques which can build in confidence to your staff and aid them to deal with a crisis
  • A security company who can be called upon 24 hours a day to facilitate communication with law-enforcement or other agencies involved