Business Intelligence Operations
What do we mean by Business Intelligence Operations?
At Covert Matters Ltd we will offer a range of solutions to suit all business intelligence operations, whether a corporate client or SME. The following four headings are common areas that will continually give companies difficult challenges to resolve and ultimately end up with an inevitable financial loss and possible litigation.

Breach of Duty of Fidelity, Contract and Compromise Agreements
  • By an employee who continues to practice whilst on 'gardening leave'
  • Employee restraint conditions being flagrantly broken
  • Suspicion of an employee directly competing against the employer

We have saved clients literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in enabling them to legitimately withold or cancel compromise agreements that have been broken. One particular client has saved in excess of 5 million pounds.

Breach of Copyright
  • Identifying the source of counterfeit goods
  • Intellectual Property Rights - Theft & Abuse
  • Grey Imports
  • Test purchasing

Intrusive Due Diligence
  • Did that expensive report you commissioned tell you the real truth?

We can advise on additional options to drill further into lifestyle patterns that as an employer you may need to be aware of.

Pro-active Management protecting your companies interests and staff well-being - Pre-empting possible Reputational Damage Issues
  • Failure to conform to company Standard Operating Procedures resulting in your Insurance becoming at best disputed - at worst invalidated -  this can be commonplace in the logistics and distribution section of a company where supervision can be particularly difficult
  • Current or ex-employees suspected of company espionage or even sabotage
  • 'Whistle-Blowing' - the principles are no different in the commercial world than to that of Law Enforcement. Can you deal with the impact? What is your duty of care to the employee? Are you up to date with current legislation?
  • Countering malicious allegations brought against the company or Directors which threaten to result in Employment Tribunals or High Court litigation