Welcome to Covert Matters Ltd

At Covert Matters Ltd we bring unrivalled knowledge and experience from UK Law Enforcement into the commercial world. Our consultants, operatives and trainers are exclusively former New Scotland Yard detectives with years of experience in literally thousands of Metropolitan Police covert policing operations, both pro-active and re-active. We are acutely aware that any compromise could jeopardise the integrity of any operation with potentially far reaching ramifications. Whatever the challenge, with our skilled and qualified team being covert, matters in all aspects of their work. 

Gathering Intelligence and Evidence for Business

Our core business is surveillance in varied forms delivering Business Intelligence Solutions to companies by employing proven covert methods leading to a professional Intelligence and/or Evidential package thereby enabling the client to either realise or make a quantum leap forward in their objective. In the long-term this will invariably be a huge benefit to the company preventing major financial loss or reputational damage. 

We specialise in raising awareness, mitigating or dealing with the threat of Terrorism (including Suicide Terrorism), Kidnap & Ransom and Serious & Organised Crime supporting Governments, businesses, employees and private individuals.

We also offer a raft of training packages in the form of presentations or courses specialising in Terrorism Prevention and Awareness along with Surveillance Training including Anti and Counter surveillance techniques that will enhance your safety.